Match loans to lenders better than anybody else.
Get your clients’ CRE loans lender-ready in minutes. Connect with well-qualified lenders that are ready to fund.
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How LOANtuitive helps you close more loans, faster.

Make quick work of loan requests

LOANtuitive asks for just the information needed to get your loans lender-ready in minutes.

Once your info is in, LOANtuitive instantly prepares a polished executive summary that cleanly lays out what lenders want to see. Need to modify it? Go ahead! Edit the story and format directly from LOANtuitive to make it your own.

Find the right lender for your loan

LOANtuitive scores each loan and scours hundreds of lending programs to find lenders who are likely fund it. We’ll even connect you!

Prepare your story effortlessly

Get the edge to close more
loans for your clients.
LOANtuitive makes it stunningly simple to prepare the exact information
lenders need for over 26,000 distinct loan scenarios. See how it’s done.
Close more loans
“LOANtuitive empowers brokers in a way I've never seen before. Even a rookie broker is going to look like an expert using it.”
- Jerry Zevenbergen, Avatar Financial Group
“Good brokers invest in technology to improve their business. LOANtuitive helps paint a clear story, providing an easy way to share documents & reduce back and forth requests that waste everyone’s time.”
- Keith Thomas, Private Capital Investors
“I love the executive summary and the ability to share a clear story with any lender, whether it is an existing capital provider in my network or one suggested by LOANtuitive”
- Kevin Jones, Cashflow Capital
Scale yourself, not your budget.
Free for 14 days, just $99 per month after.
No hidden fees or points to give up — just end-to-end magic to help you close more loans faster than ever.
Connect with the right lender
for each loan
LOANtuitive's powerful lender matching helps you avoid back-and-forth requests and reach out to the right lender the first time
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