Connecting CRE Brokers & Lenders 10x Faster with AI
LOANtuitive streamlines the CRE loan origination process, matching brokers and lenders with qualified deal flow quickly.
Here's How it Works

1. Find New Lenders Quickly

As a broker, you understand which aspects of a loan program are critical to meeting your clients' needs. Use our AI assistant, Jarvis, to share the important details of your request and within 30 seconds you'll have access to our realtime loan program data for review.

2. Review Verified Lender Programs

With banks, credit unions, and private lenders tightening their credit boxes, keeping track of who is lending and on what terms has never been more difficult.

LOANtuitive's AI assistant, Jarvis, finds new lenders and keeps track of program changes for you, complementing your existing list of preferred lender relationships.

3. Choose Lenders to Connect With

Jarvis compares your loan request to over 1,000 loan programs and presents you with the strongest matches. You can share your loan request with a match from our system or to any of your existing relationships. You're always in control.

Jarvis can also help draft your executive summary, collect documents, and set up a deal room. Just ask Jarvis to get started.

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Hello. I'm Jarvis.

Jarvis is built to help you search for lenders, build loan packages, and create executive summaries. Just ask him about your loan request and he will get to work on your behalf. With the help of AI, brokers and lenders can connect in less than a minute. Give it a try below.

See what's next as Jarvis instantly builds your executive summary, loan package and connects you 10x faster using AI

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“LOANtuitive empowers brokers in a way I've never seen before. Even a rookie broker is going to look like an expert using it.”
- Jerry Zevenbergen, Avatar Financial Group
“Good brokers invest in technology to improve their business. LOANtuitive helps paint a clear story, providing an easy way to share documents & reduce back and forth requests that waste everyone’s time.”
- Keith Thomas, Private Capital Investors
“I love the executive summary and the ability to share a clear story with any lender, whether it is an existing capital provider in my network or one suggested by LOANtuitive”
- Kevin Jones, Cashflow Capital
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Connecting brokers and lenders with qualified loan requests
LOANtuitive's powerful lender matching helps you avoid back-and-forth requests and reach out to the right lender the first time
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