Hi, I'm Jarvis. Tell Me About Your Deal

Meet Jarvis, your AI assistant. Jarvis is built to help you search for lenders, build loan packages, and create executive summaries. Just ask him about your loan request and he will get to work on your behalf.

See what's next as Jarvis instantly builds your executive summary, loan package and connects you 10x faster using AI

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How is Jarvis so Smart?
AI & LOANtuitive

We integrated GPT-4 into LOANtuitive's intelligent platform to create the world's first and most knowledgable artificial intelligence assistant for commercial real estate brokers.

Think of Jarvis as ChatGPT for commercial real estate, multifamily and & investment SFR transactions. Instead of creating images or song lyrics, Jarvis is learning how to interpret your loan request, emulating the type of conversation you might have with a lender to understand your transaction and then building a story and suggesting new lenders to assist you in closing your deal. 

We’ve been working on Jarvis for a few months and he is getting smarter every day. We think he will become a valued member of your team, increasing your productivity and helping you close more deals. 

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